Escape from Skagway

Escape from Skagway-full1.JPG

Escape from Skagway

51"w x 69"h

Materials: commercial cotton prints, metallic and novelty synthetic fabrics, corduroy, novelty trims, chenille yarn, Sulky variegated thread, tulle

I was on a cruise up the Inside Passage to Alaska with my father, and the ship docked at Skagway. The historic town suddenly sprang to life with staged gun battles on the streets and costumed ladies of the night in the doorways, and I couldn't wait to get as far away as possible. I saw a sign that pointed to a waterfall, so up the rocky path I climbed. Sitting in the peaceful natural setting I sketched the waterfall on the only thing I had... the back of a train schedule. The quilt then grew with borders and additional parts of the waterfall made from the "monkey wrench" block, to fit into the theme of that year's AQS "new Quilts from an Old Favorite" challenge.

2004- juried into AQS "New Quilts from an Old Favorite" monkey wrench challenge
2004- published in AQS book, New Quilts from an Old Favorite
2006- juried into Quilt Odessey
2006- juried into AQS Nashville show
2007- won third place at Lowell Quilt Festival in Lowell MA
2008- published in Quilters Newsletter magazine
2008- exhibited at the LaConner Quilt Museum

Photo credit: Janet Orsi

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