56"w x 66"h

Materials: commercial cotton prints and solids, beads, Sulky variegated thread

Another unplanned stroke of luck…I attended several life drawing sessions with some friends from my gallery, and brought fabric and scissors in addition to pencils and paper. I rapidly knocked out seven smallish collages during that time, with no idea what I would ever do with them. One day I tossed them on the floor to see what they would look like in some sort of arrangement, and there was a small square blank space left in the middle. I flopped a random piece of fabric in the hole to see if it was the right size for one more figure, and suddenly realized that it had apples on it. The idea of “Temptation” jumped into my mind, which caused me to collage a lovely apple for the center, and give every one of the figures an apple to try NOT to interact with. The apple tree holding the pieces together came next.

2010- juried into Quilt Odyssey

Photo credit: Janet Orsi

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